Scot: It would be cool if you could wind it up and it would dance around.  What is that a bagel?

Katie:  No, it is a foam ring that you use like a sock bun.

Scot:  A sock bun?

Katie:  You don’t know what a sock bun is?

Scot: It looks like a bagel.

Katie:  Well, you use it like a sock bun.  Here let me show you.

Scot:  So you ruin a sock?  You have to cut a hole in it?

Katie:  It is an old sock.

Scot: You put old stinky socks in your hair?

Katie: Well, you’d wash it first.

Scot:  So it makes you look like Princess Leia?  It looks like a cinnamon roll.

Katie:  No, more like a Krispy Kreme in your hair.

Scot:  At least that would smell better than an old sock.

Katie:  It would be a bit sticky though.  A Steampunk cake, now how awesome is that?