Sam:  Hey Mom, would you like to be rich?

Me:  Sure.  I guess that would be kind of cool.

Sam:  I know how to become rich.  You just need to invent something.  I am going to invent Flashlight Parrot. It is like a real parrot only without the hassles, like being loud and bird poop and stuff like that.  Wouldn’t that be a good invention?

Me:  That sounds like a good invention.

Sam:  She can be your best friend and when you push a button she will light up.  She is going to have a built in GPS, so that she doesn’t get lost.  It will cost $19.99.  Does that sound like a good price?

Me:  That is just under $20, so it is not too expensive.

Sam:  You can’t invent something called butt paper, because that is just a rip-off of toilet paper.

Me:  That would not be a good idea.

Sam: I am going to make a video on how to be rich.  Dad, would you watch that video?

Scot:  Yes, I would definitely watch it.

Sam:  What would you invent?

Scot:  I would invent a computer program or game.  I know how to do that.

Sam:  Well, you do work with computers all day.  I want a sandwich for lunch.  Would you make me a sandwich?  Would you buy the boogie bot?  It is only $17.99.  It dances because it has a boogie chip.  That is new technology.  (then off he goes to wait for a sandwich.)