Joey:  The sky is all pink. That is really cool looking.

Scot:  That is from the sun setting.

Joey:  Oh now look, the sky is not as pink, but now the ground looks pink.

Katie:  The ground at the Garden of the Gods always looks pinkish.

Joey:  If I could go to the Garden of the Gods.

Me:  You have been to the Garden of the Gods two times.

Joey:  If I could spend an hour there.

Me:  You have spent several hours there two different times.

Joey:  Well, if I could do whatever I wanted, I would walk through all of the plants just to annoy people.

Me:  What plants?

Scot:  It is a bunch of rocks and you can walk all over them and climb them.

Me:  I have pictures of you on those rocks.  I have pictures of all of us on those rocks. Remember the picture of you that looks like you are holding up a huge rock.

Joey:  Yes but those are red and not pink.