This is Your Brain

(While sitting around the table working on a jigsaw puzzle)

Me:  I am looking for a piece with a bicycle on it.

Joey:  Bikes are acoustic motorcycles.

Scot:  What are you talking about?

Joey:  Bikes are acoustic motorcycles.

Katie:  This is our family on puzzles.

Scot:  Imagine what we would be like on drugs.

All of us started singing:  It’s all about the drugs, bout the drugs…

That Old Black Magic

Sam:  You know, I have a pretty good childhood, but I sure wish I had more rights.  I have a spell book in my mind and I am going to look for a spell to make someone 5 years older.  Then I will be closer to 18.  There are some bad spells in there too.  I don’t think that they should even be in there.  What would Dumbledore think of the spell to make you older?

Scot:  I think that he would think it was a powerful spell.

Sam:  You know that spells are not real right?  Can I have a burger for dinner?


Going, Going, Argon

(We have been learning about the periodic table)

Sam:  Mom, do you think I should add Argon to my metal team?

Me:  Argon is not a metal.

Sam:  I know that, but there is no gas team and if there was they would be evil and Argon is not evil.  So, do you think I should add Argon to the metal team?

Me:  I don’t think I would, because the name of the team is “The Metal Team.”

Sam:  What if I told you that it’s origin was from a machine that could turn gas into metal and turn metal back into gas?  And what if I told you that Argon was a person and he absorbed all of himself and then climbed into the machine and became a metal?  Argon is really cool.

Me:  I guess it would be okay then.

Sam:  Maybe we could add a few more gasses to the metal team.  This could be really interesting.  I need to go think about other elements; like Argon’s best friend Carbon.