Me:  Can someone get this big a$$ jar out of here?

Scot:  Big a$$ jar that is a bag.

Katie and I:  What?

Scot:  Big A$$ Jar is B A G and that is bag.

Katie:  Jar starts with J.

Scot:  Right it starts with J.

Katie: So it cannot be B A G.  J cannot make the G sound.

Scot:  Yes it can.

Me:  No it can’t.  G can make the J sound, but J cannot make the G sound – it can make the H sound though.

Scot:  Yes it can.  What about Judge, what does judge start with?

Katie and I:  J

Scot:  Right, it’s got a D in it and J can make the G sound.

Katie and I:  NO IT CAN’T!

Scot: Jiggle starts with G.

Katie:  No, but giggle does, jiggle starts with J.

Me:  And you were saying J makes the G sound and spelling jiggle with a G would only prove that G makes the J sound not vice versa.

Katie (mocking Scot):  I learned to spell with Hooked on Phonics!  Is this Overheard worthy?

Me:  Definitely, come help me with this.

Scot:  I hope you both screw it up.

Scot:  Brings a whole new meaning to the jiggly room.

Katie:  That makes no sense.  Is there a reference I am not getting?

Scot:  It is funny the giggly room sounds like a comedy club, but the jiggly room sounds like a strip club.

Katie:  The giggly room would be a dumb name for a comedy club.

Scot:  You guys suck!

Me:  We may suck, but at least we can spell.

Me:  There is nowhere in the English language where a J sounds like a hard G.

Scot:  Okay.  I always thought they were interchangeable.