Sam:  Hi Mom.  Did you know that there is a paleontologist named David Peters who should be fired.  He sees things that are not there and draws pictures of pterosaurs that are not accurate and he tries to make people believe that they are real.  I think he needs to see a psychiatrist and that there may be a problem with his parietal lobe.  That is the part of the brain that is responsible for visual sensory integration.  He has hallucinations and I think he has a disease and if it is not curable then he needs to be put into a mental hospital.  He should not be a part of paleontological (sic) society.

Me: That sounds very serious.

Sam:  It is!  Did you know that the dimetrodon might actually be a mammal and not a dinosaur?  The dimetrodon is a genus from the Permian period that has a large sail on its back and it might use the sail to capture heat.