Joey:  Did Katie tell you that she finally got her homemade leg wax stuff to work?

Scot:  Really?  So you finally took that goo out of the fridge?

Katie:  Yeah, I just had to cook it some more.

Joey:  But she broke a bowl doing it.

Katie:  Not the bowl that it was in.

Scot:  Did you microwave it?

Katie:  No, I cooked it on the stove.

Scot:  You cannot cook with a bowl on the stove.

Katie:  I put it in a pan.

Scot:  You cannot put a bowl in a pan.

Katie:  I did not put the bowl in the pan.

Scot:  Then how did you break the bowl?

Joey:  She threw it with a spoon.

Katie:  I was trying to spoon it out of the bowl.

Joey:  Yeah, but she threw the whole thing across the room and it shattered, but it was all still stuck together.  Then she picked up the spoon and chunks of glass just started falling off.

Katie:  I cleaned up all of the glass.

Scot:  I think that this is something that could only happen in our house.