Sam:  Why are there so many doughnut shops and why do they charge so much?  And this is not related to doughnuts, but Foxman should not be allowed to live on this planet.  All he does is get mad at people who say, “shamrock.”

Me:  Who is Foxman?

Sam:  A jerk.

Scot:  Is he from a TV show?

Sam:  No.   Did you know that lithium is the lightest metal?  I bet you thought it would be aluminum.

Scot:  Yes I did.

Sam:  I am going to learn about carbon and neon today.  Have you ever watched Monty Python’s Holy Grail?

Scot:  Yes a long time ago.

Sam:  Who is Monty Python? (and he runs off as Scot is trying to explain)