Katie and I were discussing cat breeds.

Katie:  I like the Scottish Fold.

Me:  I like the ragdoll.

Katie:  Whenever I see the ragdoll cat I think of that song by Van Halen.

Me:  Van Halen has a song about cats?

Katie:  No the song Rag Doll.

Me:  I don’t know a song called Rag Doll by Van Halen.

Katie:  You know: (singing) Rag doll  livin’ in a movie.  Hot tramp, daddy’s little cutie…

Me:  I have never heard a song like that from Van Halen and I used to have all of their albums.

Katie:  You have never heard that song?

Me:  I heard the version of it by Aerosmith.

Katie:  OH!  I really thought that was Van Halen.