Last night Scot and Katie were talking about the fact that Doctor Who was trying to expand their audience by adding a description of what is happening in the show to the title sequence.  Sam was sitting there seeming like he was not paying attention.  This morning:

Sam: Why does Doctor Who want to expand their audience?

Scot:  Because the mainstream public does not typically watch these types of shows. They just want to watch shows about who is sleeping with who.

(Insert dirty look from me)

Sam:  What kind of shows?

Me:  Shows that don’t have science fiction in them.

Sam:  You mean stupid shows?

Scot:  Yes, stupid girly shows.

Sam walked off

Me:  I can’t take you anywhere.

Scot:  Yeah that was a stupid thing to say.  I guess I should have said dating.

Me:  Ya think?  Maybe you should leave for work now before you say anything else stupid.