Our internet went down and the modem is on the top floor.

Scot: (yells upstairs to Joey who is sitting right next to the modem) Joey would you please perform your internet magic?

Sam:  I think it is creepy how Joey knows how to fix the internet.  He could go work for the internet company.  He must be the smartest teenager in the world, he knows how to fix the internet and he is not even an adult yet.  (whispered) I wonder what other secrets he could be hiding.  I need to find out what his deepest darkest creepy secrets are.

Joey:  (comes downstairs) OK the internet is back up.

Sam:  Joey, I am watching you.

Joey:  Um okay, I will be watching you too then.

(Sam and Joey walk off)

Me:  I think I am the smartest person in this house for teaching Joey how to reboot the modem and router so that I don’t have to do it.