Sam:  I made up a new planet.  It is called Anus Ka.  It is about the same size as Earth and it circles a red sun.  It also has land and water like Earth, but its atmosphere is made up of mostly methane which is actually cow farts.

Me:  Does the planet stink?

Sam:  Well, it smells like fart, but the inhabitants of Anus Ka like the smell.  Do you want to know  about the different species that live on this planet?

Scot:  I would love to hear about that.

Sam:  There is a snake like creature called speed snake and it looks just like a snake except it is an herbivore and has small teeth  It hangs from trees and eats the leaves.  It only has one predator and when it is threatened, it spins its body faster than a helicopter propeller and it can hover for a few minutes at a time.  There is a predator called anus pit and it is made of poop.

Scot:  Really?  It is made of poop?

Sam:  Yeah.  Does that sound a lot like Uranus?

Scot:  Yes, I guess it does.

Sam:  Why did they name the planet Uranus

Katie:  It is actually the Roman name of a Greek God.

Scot: The ROMAN name of a GREEK god?

Katie:  Yes the Romans took the Greek gods into their belief system and changed the names to Roman or Latin names.