Katie (to Scot and I):  Sam made up a guy that he wants me to date:

Sam:  Well, do you like him?

Katie:  I haven’t met him yet.  How can I know if I like him or not?

Sam:  You know a lot about him right?

Katie:  Well, I haven’t met him in person.

Sam:  Well, do you like him?

Katie: Sam, I don’t know yet.

Sam: He’s an inventor and he has billions of dollars.  He is in his 20’s and he dies his hair gray so that he will look good.  What colors make gray?

Katie:  Black and white.

Sam:  He mixes black dye and white dye to make gray dye for his hair.  What would you do if Anthony said that he only had one picture taken of himself on his camera before it broke?

Katie: Who is Anthony?

Sam:  The guy you are dating.

Katie:  How can I be dating him if I have never met him?

Sam:  Is there terrorism in France?