Katie:  Sam, wasn’t that pirate letter pretty cool?  It is showing what pirates were really like.

Sam:  How old are the Olympics?

Katie: About 2000 years.  Do you like the pirate book?

Sam:  How come girls were not allowed to race in the Olympics.

Katie:  Because they did not treat women and men the same in those times.  Sam, this page shows you how to tie knots like pirates did.  Did you know that there are still pirates today but they are mostly in Somalia and places like that?

Sam:  What if an ancient Greek person traveled to the future and saw that girls were in the Olympics?

Katie:  Well Sam, women can compete in the Olympics today.

Me:  He said someone from ancient Greece and the future to them could be today.

Katie:  Do you want me to read more of this pirate book to you?

Sam:  Well I think they would be surprised to see girls in the Olympics.

Me:  I don’t think you two are operating on the same wavelength.