Katie: You know how they have those shows on HGTV where they take brand new furniture and beat it up to make it look rustic and old?

Me:  Yes.

Katie:  Well, I saw something that showed people taking cheap old things and making them look fancy. Most of it involved gold paint.  They took an old brick and painted it gold and then used it as a bookend.

Me:  Well, that kind of sounds stupid.  (Katie then gave me a strange look)

Me: Oh, did you think that was a good thing to do?

Katie:  Well it looked just like a gold brick.

Me:  People will know it is not real.

Katie:  No, it was an old beat up brick with missing chunks.

Me:  Katie please tell me that you don’t think that gold comes out of the ground in bricks.

Katie:  No, I don’t think that.  They melt it right?

Me:  So why would someone have a gold brick with missing chunks?

Katie:  I don’t know I just thought it was cool.