Sam: Mom, can I tell you something about the ocean?

Me: Sure.

Sam: It kind of sounds like a legend.

Me: OK

Sam: I am not sure if it is true or not because it might be a legend.

Me: I would like to hear it though.

Sam: (as he is walking away) OK. UM. OK. I um am going to go pee cause I have to go really bad.

(And off he goes)

He finally came back.

Sam: I don’t think it is a legend but it could be. There are 3 parts to the ocean. The sunlight zone, the twilight zone and the midnight zone. The midnight is twice the size of the other two zones. Mom do you know what a draco is?

Me: Is it a lizard?

Sam:  Yes, yes it is.  It is known for gliding.

(And he is off again)