We were upstairs watching TV last night and Sam came up to talk to us:

Sam:  (Rather proud of himself) I made crackers and peanut butter all by myself!

He did not need to tell us he had gotten into the peanut butter though. The smell wafting around the room would have let anyone know. It was on his shirt and his shorts, covering his arms and face and in his hair and on his feet. He was put in the shower and then put into bed, still smelling like peanut butter, and we went downstairs and OMG there was peanut butter all over the counter, the outside of the jar, on the walls, yes several walls, including the wall coming up the stairs. Inside the jar were bits of crackers and needless to say that was thrown in the trash. Oh and he had decided to check the computer before coming upstairs and the mouse was covered in peanut butter. I guess we have to give him credit for trying to do something on his own, but all he had to do was ask and we would have gotten it for him.