There was a piece of a pine tree in the middle of the road that I had to avoid:

Katie:  Is that a tumbleweed?”

Me:  (laughing)  No, that was a piece of a pine tree. There are no tumbleweeds here.  Next time we are in Nevada we will find you a tumbleweed.

Katie:  I will have to spray it with something to hold it together.

Me:  You won’t need to do that.

Katie:  Why? Are they already glued together?

Me:  (Glad we were stopped at a light because laughing ensued)  They come that way, no one glues them together.

Katie:  How do they make them look like balls then?

Me:  They are plants that grow like that.

Katie:  Are they dead then when they are blowing around.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Who needs a comedy club when you have a family like mine?