Scot and the boys were watching TV in my room and I was watching something that was of the non animated superhero variety in the family room. When I finally went in to go to bed, Joey was asleep in my spot. I tried to wake him up and he either said something about cereal or he was speaking in tongues and he was not waking up. I decided to wait a little bit and come back. I went back about 5 minutes later and he got up and headed for bed saying goodnight on the way out. I just got settled in and then my door opened and in came Joey with the vacuum cleaner hose wrapped around his neck (we have a built in vacuum system so this is a really long hose). He then dropped it in the doorway and climbed over me and laid back down. I did not have the energy to get him to leave again.  Needless to say, the bed was a bit overcrowded last night.